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“Anita, you are a kind, compassionate, and dedicated student, a true pleasure to have in class. Your background in Taiji and Chinese Medicine has given you a solid foundation from which to build a deeper understanding of Medical Qigong both for cultivation and clinical applications." Dr Bernard Shannon - Abbot of the Temple of Peace and Virtue - International College of Medical Qigong



Medical (Clinical) Qigong Courses at the UK College of Medical Qigong now in London and Staffordshire

Our post graduate Medical Qigong Courses are taught at the UK College of Medical Qigong. We offer the highest calibre training to Clinical Healthcare Practitioners. For everyone interested in Health Qigong for general wellness, our Health Qigong Courses are now taught at the UK College of Health Qigong in Staffordshire and London, UK.  There is something in our Medical Qigong and Health Qigong Courses to suit everyone interested in Chinese Internal Arts.

What Is The Difference Between Health Qigong and Medical Qigong?

There is a vast difference between Health Qigong, which is a set of exercises used for general health purposes and Medical Qigong. For example, in Health Qigong a typical Spleen exercise would maintain healthy Qi within the Spleen and Stomach. In Medical Qigong, a patient's Spleen syndrome could present as a 'Shi' type (Damp/Cold) or a 'Xu' type (deficiency/sinking), in which case the Medical Qigong Practitioner would decide whether to use purgation or tonification prescriptions. Medical Qigong is recognised as one of the four branches of Chinese Medicine - acupuncture, herbal medicine, and tui na being the others. It is considered that Medical Qigong formed the energetic foundation from which the other modalities originated. Medical Qigong incorporates ancient concepts such as Daoism, Buddhism and Shamanism. We therefore evaluate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

The success of Medical Qigong Therapy relies on the occurance of an evaluation so that the correct Protocols can be administered. As well as an initial one to one consultation, assessment includes scanning (with hands) the Wei Qi Fields, Ying Qi, Sea of Blood, Sea of Marrow and the Centre Core of Light. This usually takes place on a couch with the patient fully clothed (see video).

The following Protocols (therapeutic plan) can be issued in a Medical Qigong Therapy:

  • General Protocol
  • Secondary Protocols - LUNGS, KIDNEYS, LIVER, HEART, SPLEEN
  • Migraine Protocol
  • Intuitive and Perceptual Qi Analysis (Nei Guan)
  • Gynaecology Protocols
  • Neurology Protocols
  • Protocols to support Cancer
  • Phantom Pain Protocol
  • Distance Healing

In addition, Prescriptions and Techniques applied can include:

  • General Healing Sounds and Advanced Healing Sounds to support Cancer
  • Meditations/Visualisations
  • Qi Extension, Vibration and Manipulation using various Hand Postures/Mudras
  • Invisible Needle Technique
  • Five Element Qi Massage Therapy
  • Incantations
  • Talismans
  • Healing Mandalas
  • Mantras.

The Medical Qigong Practitioner Course consists of a Certificate (Part 1) and Diploma (Part 2) level and is aimed at Clinical Healthcare Practitioners wanting to use Medical Qigong Therapy as an adjunct to their existing work. Equally, if you are a Clinical Healthcare Practitioner within the NHS or Private clinic, or a Western/Eastern Acupuncturist, our short courses will enable you to offer Clinical Qigong Prescriptive Exercises to support your patients. Browse through our short courses such as Clinical Qigong to Support Fertility; Ren Wu Zang and Healing Sounds to ensure energetic cleanliness within a clinical environment. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your options.

Lung Dao Yin

Lung Dao Yin

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Kidney Dao Yin

Liver Dao Yin

Liver Dao Yin

Heart Dao Yin

Heart Dao Yin

Spleen Dao Yin

Spleen Dao Yin