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Medical Qigong Practitioner Course

  • Frustrated with online Qigong Courses and want more depth?
  • Struggling to find a safe exercise regime to give your patients?
  • Confused by all the different Qigong styles?
  • Want to be in the KNOW about the art of staying well?

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Medical Qigong Diploma Course

  • Want a Professional Certificate?
  • Want real life KNOWLEDGE and solutions to help your patients get out of pain?
  • Keen to work with an organisation who specialise in Medical Qigong Therapy?
  • Trying to find a true Master?

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Specialist Interest Clinical Qigong Courses

  • Bored of doing the same CPD Courses every year?
  • Frustrated because you can’t find anything unique to Chinese Medicine?
  • Want to KNOW-HOW to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine?

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