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  • Validation of Certificates - 23rd/24th February 2019 STAFFORDSHIRE
  • Ren Wu Zang - 4th May 2019 STAFFORDSHIRE
  • GUEST SPEAKER at World Energy Conference - 12th/13th October 2019

"I have no hesitation in recommending this Medical Qigong Course to anyone who is drawn to this ancient healing system. It requires the student to integrate the teachings into their lives. I have studied a lot during my career as an NHS GP and Traditional Acupuncturist and it was refreshing to meet the teachers at the UK College of Medical Qigong. Their passion for quality training within the rapidly growing arena of Medical Qigong is evident in everything they do. I was touched by the exquisite environment that they have created deliberately to enhance learning and healing. I cannot imagine life without Medical Qigong now.Carolyn Eddleston - GP and Traditional Acupuncturist - Medical Qigong Certificate



Clinical Golden Ball Qigong to Support Chronic Conditions - STAFFORDSHIRE + LONDON - 2 Day Course -  13 April and 8 June (Part 2) 2019.

  • Note - this is a different course and different outcome to our general Health Qigong Instructor Course. The Golden Ball Qigong Course consists of 2 days which are taught over two weekends. Saturdays: 10.00am - 4.30pm.
  • Overview: Golden Ball Qigong is a useful tool for chronic conditions. Note: you will know how to evaluate whether a person has an Excess or Deficient constitution from a Chinese Medicine perspective before you apply for this course. Equally, you will be a Western Medicine Practitioner with the ability to diagnose chronic conditions. In order to qualify you must attend the second one day Golden Ball Course with the UK College of Medical Qigong; log an allocated amount of personal practice (home cultivation) before a Certificate is issued. The Golden Ball Course recaps the information given on the general workshop, along with a detailed discussion as to how to set up small groups in the community and/or your clinic.
  • Cost: £380.00 (2 days). Payable in advance.
  • Time: 10.00am - 4.30pm.
  • Start Date: Saturday 13th April 2019.
  • License to Practice and Qualification: you will be permitted to set up recreational type classes in Village Halls, Health Centres, Disability Groups and Falls Prevention Projects and/or offer one to one in your private clinic or within the NHS. Our Principal Teacher has a wealth of experience in the business aspect of Qigong and you will therefore benefit from her successful business model. She won a National Award for NHS initiative in the Falls Prevention arena and will openly share the findings. This qualification will NOT permit you to teach individuals to be Medical Qigong or Qigong Practitioners, Instructors or Teachers. A designated area will be agreed as part of your contract. Annual CPD to re-validate your Certificate will also be required.
  • Upon completion of the Golden Ball Qigong Course you will be legible to obtain insurance.
  • How to Book a Place: Fill in the Contact form and email us your details requesting a booking form for the Golden Ball Qigong Course.
  • Places allocated on a strictly first come first served basis.
  • Note: Please discuss with us if you have a medical condition.
  • Location Details: Staffordshire + Regents Park, London - Nearest tube station Regents Park; Warren Street.


ADVISE: if you are an existing student, holding a Certificate from the UK College of Medical Qigong, you will have attended regular CPD. During CPD training, updates highlighting the need for change in our educational programme have been discussed at length and agreed with existing students. Many of you have had your qualifications re-validated in keeping with your contracts where you agreed to attend annual CPD. If you haven't attended CPD, your qualification is no longer valid. Don't worry, we know you are busy and we are aware that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. There is still the opportunity to attend the 're-validation' day in February 2019. To date, unless you have an updated Certificate issued in 2018, your contracts still stand and remain legally binding! No-one is qualified to attend or instruct any member of the public with a medical condition. No-one is qualified to teach/instruct other insructors or Pratitioners. Thank you for respecting the way we work.


Dredging Channels Yin in one of the training rooms

Dredging Channels (Yin) in one of the training rooms

Dredging Channels Yang – purge body’s Toxic Qi

Dredging Channels (Yang) – purge body’s Toxic Qi

Liver Dao Yin – inhale green Exhale green blue light

Liver Dao Yin – inhale green - Exhale green/blue light

Thursday Group – homework over the Summer vacation – Golden Ball

Thursday Group – homework over the Summer vacation – Golden Ball

Golden Ball – overall tonification and regulation of the 8 directions of Qi and 8 extra-ordinary meridians

Golden Ball – overall tonification and regulation of the 8 directions of Qi and 8 extra-ordinary meridians