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Links for UK College of Medical Qigong Students

The reason this page has been incorporated into our UK College of Medical Qigong website is to operate a referral system for our students seeking teachings in their own specialisms. It is refreshing to meet individuals who are willing and able to teach the way this system was always intended; with diligence, respect and integrity. I have personally met and studied with these talented individuals. I can vouch for their authenticity and their desire to share Daoism with recipients willing to put the work in. However, if you want to do things quickly and sparingly, probably not the teachers for you!! There is an etiquette associated with Chinese custom. I would not dream of approaching my Masters teacher direct in the Chinese sacred mountain without consulting and seeking his blessing first. It is a matter of respect. If you are a student from the UK College of Medical Qigong, and using our name and teachings to advance your studies, please contact us beforehand if you wish to study with the individuals on this page. We can then use proper referral procedures and ensure the information supplied is correct. Thank you for respecting our process and our desire to maintain wholesomeness.


Dr Bernard ShannonDr Shannon DTCM, DMQ (my Principal Teacher for the past four years)
Abbot of the Temple of Peace and Virtue
Summary: “Anita, you are a kind, compassionate, and dedicated student, a true pleasure to have in class. Your background in Taiji and Chinese Medicine has given you a solid foundation from which to build a deeper understanding of Medical Qigong both for cultivation and clinical applications.
PS. Love your socks!”
The Colonist
Dr. Bernard Shannon
International College of Medical Qigong


Rebecca LanceRebecca Lance RN, CMT, MMQ
(currently studying DMQ Programme at the ICMQ)
Summary: “The best part about teaching Qigong is that I have the opportunity to work with so many wonderful and fascinating people! Never before have I had a student who can share with me classical needling techniques, and how to juggle, all while wearing the most amazing socks. Anita shares her knowledge of Chinese Medicine generously, and my world is certainly more interesting having met her.”
Rebecca Lance
Essential Healing Sonora


Angelica DevisAngelica Devis MD, MMQ (currently studying DMQ Programme at the ICMQ)
Summary: “Anita always delightful to be around you, thoughtful and kind as usual. Miss those "opening the heart" hours in Palm Desert. May that wonderful light keep on shining more and more each time, my friend.”
Angelica Devis
Qigong Medicos, Colombia


Robert HentschelRobert Hentschel BSc MSc Adv Dip OHSc MMQ
Summary: “Dear Anita, it was a pleasure to meet you when you came to train at the International College of Medical Qigong. Your compassion, and your dedication to the teaching and promotion of Medical Qigong shine through, and I wish you and the UK College of Medical Qigong all the very best in your endeavours.”
Robert Hentschel
Australian Institute of Medical Qigong, Sydney, Australia


Other Links

“We met Anita in 2005 during the Medical Qigong Intensives. Throughout the program, the students must have a strong sense of personal discipline necessary to advance within Medical Qigong. Anita excelled in all areas necessary to make her a talented Medical Qigong Practitioner. Her intellectual ability, natural curiosity and dedication to full understanding, allowed her not only to grasp the complex and intricate teachings, but often take them to a deeper level. Anita combines a keen interest to learn with a strong personal dedication to healing for herself and others. She maintains a personal stance of humbleness, even when achieving great personal and professional successes. This combined with her unshakable integrity and compassion, we believe, will be a powerful healing elixir for others.” My first teachers - Dr Taya Stanley and Dr Barbara Briner (Masters) – The Yellow Mountain Institute, USA

“Dear Anita – it is always heart-warming to know that there are compassionate people out there, who are doing this work in an effort to help alleviate people’s pain and suffering. It is often difficult to gain recognition in the medical arena; therefore I applaud all those individuals willing to make the effort in contributing to the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of others. Good luck with the growth of the UK College of Medical Qigong. I wish you much success, and may you continue to grow in knowledge, ability, and light. Best wishes always.” Also one of my Teachers - Professor Jerry Alan Johnson - International Institute of Medical Qigong Publishing House

“Anita, Good luck and best wishes to the UK College of Medical Qigong. May they succeed in introducing many new people to this treasure of Chinese health care." Peter Deadman - Journal of Chinese Medicine (JCM)
"Dearest Anita .... may your dedicated work with keeping places healthy and putting the spirit back bring solace and comfort to many. The importance of this kind of work cannot be over-emphasized." Denise Linn - Denise Linn
"Hi Anita.... in a world increasingly confused and misled there is a great need for clear time-honoured teachings. From my own experience I know that Qigong and appropriate nutrition are a powerful support to both our health and happiness. I wish the UK College of Medical Qigong well on its journey.” Daverick Leggett – Author of Recipes for Self Healing - Meridian Press