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  • Validation of Certificates - 23rd/24th February 2019 STAFFORDSHIRE
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I really liked the Ren Wu Zang and the Old Man Healing Sound – it will make me a more effective practitioner.”


“The Ren Wu Zang and Old Man will definitely help me in my daily Acupuncture work.”


“The Ren Wu Zang workshop was intriguing. I especially liked the healing sounds.”


“Each patient comes with a different energy. I can see how the Ren Wu Zang and Old Man will help me in my Acupuncture work.”


“Thank you for your time in showing me and opening my experience of Medical Qigong. Cleansing and grounding are important to me and I can use Ren Wu Zang and Old Man to do that.”


“Very interesting workshop and I can see how Medical qigong could be used as an adjunct to Acupuncture."


“Fascinating – the visualisation was my favourite as I can see how to integrate it with 5 Element Acupuncture. I will definitely try the Ren Wu Zang as I like the idea of the animals and colours. I will also try the Old Man healing sound as well.” British Acupuncture Council Members – Workshop 2013


 The course was extremely interesting and professionally delivered. The atmosphere in the clinic is lovely. The Ren Wu Zang and Old Man healing sound will definitely help my energy levels in my daily Acupuncture work”. Tracy Yorke – Acupuncturist – Overton on Dee


Very interesting introduction and will be used to clear any negative energy.” Jenna Robins – Acupuncturist - Manchester


"I came to this workshop to understand how to better link Heaven and Earth energy through correct posture and alignment. Being more mindful of correct Wuji and taking the time to do this is so important for internal energy work." Phil Dixon - Rules of Posture Workshop 2014

Ren Wu Zang Practitioners

phoenixThe Ren Wu Zang is a Five Element meditation used to energetically protect the Five Yin organs. This meditation is still taught in China to protect Doctors before treating patients in a clinical environment. In short, this Shengong meditation can be used by the practitioner to prevent the invasion of pathogenic factors. It begins with feeling the connection to the Earth; then the Four Celestial Animals of the Elements - the phoenix, turtle, tiger and dragon. We run this initiative for all Health Care Practitioners. Those who complete a one day workshop in Ren Wu Zang and Old Man Healing Sounds will ultimately be able to protect their own Wei Qi fields. With regular personal practice – the public should feel that these Practitioners are focused and the healing environment in which they receive treatment should feel safe and pure. Those Practitioners who have agreed to use Ren Wu Zang and Old Man Healing Sounds in their clinic are cited on this page or the testimonial section. Please note that the Practitioners have only been granted license for personal use and therefore these prescriptions should not be used or shared with patients or the general public; a more intensive training is required to be a Medical Qigong Therapist. To find a qualified Medical Qigong Practitioner and Medical Qigong Therapist please see our Practitioner Directory page on the UK College of Medical Qigong website.


Ren Wu Zang Practitioners

Shaun Doyle Chinese Medicine - Awaiting Information

Lynne Duncan Acupuncture - FRANCE

Garry Johnson - Personal Use Only

Alaine Skerrett Chiropractor - CONTACT

Dhyan Prasada Healer - CONTACT

Tracey Yorke Acupuncture - CONTACT

Neal Baines Acupuncture - CONTACT

Aliya Eastham Acupuncture - CONTACT

Jenna Robins Acupuncture - CONTACT

Eileen Gilmour Acupuncture - CONTACT

Petra Buyse Acupuncture - CONTACT

Anita Mason Acupuncture - CONTACT