Master in Medical Qigong, Anita Mason is the Principal Teacher at the UK College of Medical Qigong. She is a fully qualified teacher (Cert Ed – PCE), and qualified TCM Practitioner at Mandarin Clinic in London and Staffordshire, and Inspirational Speaker/Presenter at various conferences. In short, detail matters – a thread which permeates all of her teachings.

Born into a Yorkshire farming community, my respect for universal energy was almost inherent. When your livelihood depends on what the land provides, you develop a deep appreciation for the many facets of energy, whether positive and negative. As my career developed, the sheltered life of a farming village became substituted by the hustle and bustle of the city – London, New York and California. More opportunities were available to explore, more cultures to appreciate.

I began my study of the Internal Arts at the British T’ai Chi Association in London. In addition, I initially studied Medical Qigong with two amazingly gifted and spiritual teachers, Dr Barbara Briner and Dr Taya Stanley from The Yellow Mountain Institute in America. Later I became a student of Dr Bernard Shannon in California; an internationally recognised teacher in Medical Qigong Therapy and Daoist Priest and Sifu. Truly inspirational, genuine and experienced Dr Briner, Dr Stanley and Dr Shannon are all respected students of Grand Master Jerry Johnson, a practicing TCM Doctor and Professor of Medical Qigong Therapy.

My Teachers

Our Qigong Courses reflect the teachings of Grandmaster Jerry Alan Johnson and Dr Bernard Shannon. Their steadfast teachings are based upon the curriculum of the Medical Qigong College at Hai Dian University, established clinically at the Xi Yuan Medical Qigong Hospital in Beijing, China. Professor Jerry Alan Johnson is one of the few internationally recognised non-Chinese Grandmasters of Medical Qiging Therapy. Both in America and China he is honoured as a leading authority on Medical Qigong. In 2006, the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine appointed the International Institute of Medical Qigong the overseas College of Medical Qigong. From 2005 – 2012, Dr Shannon was the Executive Director of the International Institute of Medical Qigong, responsible for teaching courses from the Practitioner to the Doctorate level. In 2012, he founded the International College of Medical Qigong where he is also Abbot of the Temple of Peace and Virtue. In 2014 Dr Shannon was elected as Executive Director and Vice Chairperson of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong.

Our College is based on a lineage we deeply admire and respect. Please note, our courses are not an exact replica of the IIMQ and the ICMQ. My passion has become more than just sharing my knowledge – all of our student practitioners will be fully qualified, ethical and join a national network.

“My life purpose is to effectively communicate current knowledge and evidence wholeheartedly, so that Eastern and Western health systems can empower human kind.”

Master Teacher – Education and CPD


Master in Medical Qigong – International College of Medical Qigong USA


Medical Qigong Therapist – International College of Medical Qigong USA


Medical Qigong Practitioner – International College of Medical Qigong USA
– February – Five Day Academic and Clinic Exam


Advanced Medical Qigong Training – International Institute of Medical Qigong USA
– March – Professor Jerry Alan Johnson – Chinese Clinical Talismans, Seals, Mineral and Cupping Therapy.


Medical Qigong Practitioner – International College of Medical Qigong USA


Medical Qigong Practitioner – International College of Medical Qigong USA


BSc (1st class Honours) Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbs, tui na, patho-physiology) – Glyndwr University UK


Medical Qigong Practitioner Level 3 – Yellow Mountain Institute


Medical Qigong Practitioner Level 2 – Yellow Mountain Institute


Medical Qigong Practitioner Level 1 – Yellow Mountain Institute


Post Graduate Teacher Training Qualification (Cert Ed – PCE) – Wolverhampton University – speciality subject of T’ai Chi and Qigong.


Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology – Stoke on Trent College UK

*DISCLAIMER: Although I was taught Medical Qigong Therapy to support Oncology in America, American Law is entirely different to UK Law. Apart from the fact that it is not my specialism, I have to advise that under the Cancer Act 1939, it is unlawful for a UK Complementary Therapist to “offer to treat anyone with cancer, to prescribe any treatments for the disease, or to give advice in connection to cancer treatment.” I receive approximately five phone calls a week in relation to cancer treatments. I truly appreciate the interest in my work, but, I cannot cure or treat cancer. So sorry!