The Medical Qigong Practitioner Course is run from the UK College of Medical Qigong in the Midlands, perfectly located in the middle of the UK.

  • Are you feeling confused about the different Qigong styles out there?
  • Are you frustrated that your online Qigong Courses didn’t deliver the depth?
  • Are you self-employed and worried about getting ill?
  • Are you looking for an alternative to noisy, sweaty gyms as a form of exercise?

Then you are our ideal student. Now imagine:

  • Having the luxury to study YOUR own nature for six months.
  • Being able to design YOUR own tool kit acting as an energetic self-defence for whatever life throws at you.
  • Having the right physical ability, right mindset and the spiritual contentment to achieve the right work balance.

Prerequisite to begin the Medical Qigong Practitioner Course: you must have attended and completed our one day Ren Wu Zang course. You will be able to evaluate Excess and Deficient Patterns from a Chinese Medicine Perspective. Equally, you will be a Western Medicine Practitioner with the ability to diagnose medical conditions.

The Medical Qigong Practitioner course consists of 6 modules which are taught one weekend per month. Saturday: 10.00am – 5.00pm and Sunday 9.00am – 4.00pm.

Overview: Teachings integrate both theoretical and physical activities throughout, including Nei Gong. Concepts such as Yin and Yang, the Five Elements and Daoism are taught in relation to health. 20 prescriptive exercises are discussed and demonstrated in depth so that students learn to live harmoniously with their environment and the Five Seasons. Teachings from The Tao Te Ching and the Yellow Emperor and translated into modern day scenarios to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit. Assessment is creative, academic and practical comprising: small tests, a short 500 word discovery assignment, and a reflective journal to encourage you to start living in harmony with a Daoist Internal Art system. The emphasis in this course is YOU! Those individuals starting a clinic will need to maintain ‘energetic cleanliness’ and protection protocols before you start balancing your patient’s energy.

Cost: £2,400.00. Payable in advance.

Start Date: NEXT ONE starts 28/29 September 2019 – MIDLANDS. Then 19/20 October; 23/24 November; 14/15 December; 25/26 January 2020; 22/23 February.

This is not a recreational type of course. If you are a Healthcare Practitioner this course is recognised as a CPD course.

How to enrol: Fill in the Contact Form and email your details to us. We will then send you some informal questions which starts the interview process.

A Syllabus and Welcome Pack will be sent to you shortly after you have enrolled and payment has been received.

Location details: Nearest train station – Stoke on Trent. A 10 minute taxi drive to Newcastle under Lyme. Nearest Airports – Manchester or Birmingham. Nearest Motorway – M6.

The Medical Qigong Practitioner Course is comprehensive and unique. It offers very specialist teachings comprising of a healing programme of exercises developed by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, along with detailed theory of the Five Element system and how it plays such an integral part of our way of life and well-being. Anita’s teachings follow the fascinating Daoist philosophy and the course is professionally run, hard work and fun.
If you have ever wanted to understand another perspective on life, other than from a Western viewpoint, this is the course to choose. You won’t be disappointed.

Phil DixonUK College of Medical Qigong student. A lovely lad who walks his talk; lives in his beautiful house in the countryside; and just loves the outdoors!