Whilst embarking upon a natural or IVF route, patients undergoing Fertility Protocols will often report the journey as an emotional rollercoaster. Whether you are an Eastern or Western Practitioner, no-one can give absolutes in the field of Fertility. No matter how strategic your acupuncture point selection, emotions and self-doubt can sometimes get the better of patients, especially when waiting for that all important ‘testing’ date or the dreaded 12 week scan.

This course aims to widen your existing skills and knowledge. It is assumed that you have an existing interest in this field. You will complete the course with an understanding as to the energetic matrix of infertility, particularly with regard to multiple miscarriages. You will be able to offer your patients lifestyle and nutritional advice along with medical qigong therapy techniques such as visualisations, specific healing sounds, tonification prescriptions and understand the importance of Chinese Deities in a clinical setting.

The Teacher is a qualified, experienced Traditional Acupuncturist and Master of Medical Qigong. A difference was noticed when she introduced Medical Qigong Therapy in her Chinese Medicine Clinic. In short, she observed a gap in Fertility training and strongly believes that ‘spirit’ plays a significant role in patient and practitioner outcomes. To date she has an outstanding success rate, but maintains the humble stance that it is the patient who needs to be prepared to do the work. Master Anita Mason is a specialist in her field who teaches in Staffordhsire, London and America.

Prerequisite: must be a Clinical Healthcare Practitioner (Eastern/Western). You will be able to evaluate Excess and Deficient Patterns from a Chinese Medicine Perspective. Equally, you will be a Western Medicine Practitioner with the ability to diagnose medical conditions.

Course Date: Saturdays 2020. Times: Saturday 10.00am – 5.00pm. Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm.

Cost: £380.00.

Venue/Location: UK College of Medical Qigong, 66 King Street, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 1JB.

License Agreement/Code of Ethics: After completing the course; completing a set amount of hours, you will be permitted to use our prescriptive exercises within an NHS setting and/or in your own private clinic.

How to Book a Place: Fill in the Contact Form on our website and email us your details requesting a booking form for Clinical Qigong Prescriptions to Support Fertility.

Places allocated on a strictly first come first served basis.