Does it matter what style of Acupuncture I do?

No! We have had many Acupuncturists with either TCM, Japanese to Worsley styles complete our courses. The aim is not to take anything away from what you have been taught; more to add to it. However, those therapists trained in the Five Elements will love our teachings as it is key to living with the Seasons. We have also received positive feedback that the ‘spiritual’ aspect of our teachings is welcomed as this component is often missed in Western Acupuncture training.

Is the course the same as the IIMQ and the ICMQ in America?

I have trained with Professor Jerry Alan Johnson and Dr Bernard Shannon at both American Colleges. I have personally received their blessing to teach this Art in the UK:
Whilst the material taught on our UK Medical Qigong courses is the same style derived from Hainan Hospital, our courses are not an exact replica of their curriculum. Having completed all courses in the USA to Masters level, there is much that I have learnt that we can’t actually use in this country. My course is aligned with what is allowed to be offered in the UK.

Is there a formal regulatory body for Medical Qigong?

This is a question I have been asked for years, usually by members of the public. In short, watch this space as a new organisation is evolving in the UK. When we initiated our Medical Qigong programmes we obtained the educational framework from the NHS, a County Council and various Universities to ensure that our Medical Qigong Diploma is pitched at an appropriate level. In the UK we rely on the grading of the National Qigong Association. If you are a member of the public you should always ask your Teacher/Instructor/ Practitioner what level they are? You should also ask about what level of insurance they have – one-to-one is different to group sessions. They should have evidence as to how many hours they have completed and what grade they are. General health and wellbeing Qigong Instructors should not be Instructing anyone with a medical condition as they are not medically trained. If an Instructor is running a course for Arthritis, their Certificate should literally state ‘Arthritis’ as well as reflecting the Grade they have accomplished.

Will I be legible for insurance once I have qualified?

Yes. I have personally spoken to Towergate Insurance about their policies. In addition, Acupuncturists have listed our courses with the British Acupuncture Council and the Acupuncture Society. It is important that you use the correct terminology as Qigong for health is different to Medical Qigong.