“I attended Anita Mason’s Ren Wu Zang course in London and cannot recommend highly enough her teachings and passionate, yet down-to-earth, style. Anita’s expertise and enthusiasm is so infectious; everyone on the course was energised and educated from the moment we walked in. I learned a lot about the importance of cleansing oneself of negativity and how Ren Wu Zang is both prescribed and practised by medical practitioners in China. This really helped put the proven healing methods into context and deepened my understanding. Whether you are a therapist or just a person who wants to live cleanly, so that you can care for and love your kids better and longer, this course is a very wise investment. Anita’s skill and commitment to what she does is evident, reassuring and inspiring.” Susan Bookbinder – Ren Wu Zang Course.

“The Medical Qigong Practitioner Certificate allowed me to expand and deepen my acupuncture knowledge, but more than that it allowed me to look at life in a new way. It was informative, enlightening and truly inspiring.” Lynne Duncan – Medical Qigong Practitioner Course.

“The course was extremely interesting and professionally delivered. The atmosphere is lovely. The Ren Wu Zang and Old Man Healing Sound will definitely help my energy levels in my daily Acupuncture work”. Tracey Yorke – Ren Wu Zang Course.

“I have been given a treasure in the form of and Medical Qigong. Like any treasure it has a history and a value beyond the financial. I owe a debt to the other people that stand behind me in the lineage of this knowledge, who have paid the price for this treasure; a price again not only in money, but in time, commitment and dedication.” Steve Butcher – Medical Qigong Diploma.

“It is refreshing to meet a teacher of Anita’s calibre. Anita’s style of teaching blends the authentic Daoist teachings with the modern world which makes you address all areas of your life. The course is a life changing journey; it takes you to a deeper understanding of how to connect your own energy with the world you live in.” Neal Baines – Medical Qigong Diploma.

Thank you for taking me on
For sharing with me the teachings.
For the inspiration
For your spark
For doing what you do
And being what you be.
This isn’t the end,
It’s the beginning.
It’s not a ‘so long, and thanks for the shuuuuuu’s’
It’s just a BIG Ta very much!” Talula Johnson – Medical Qigong Diploma.